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23 February, 2017

Let's talk about Sweden and CASH FOR REFUGEES ~

Wow, that's A LOT OF MONEY>>> and the sad thing is:
 it's not just Sweden.
Yes, YOU the taxpayer are definitely paying for this world-wide. 


Coming to a State/City near you in the U.S.A.

Sweden has died. Do not allow your country 

to be next....

19 February, 2017

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd - F*#%-ing Hilarious! The Indicrat

WTF?  My thoughts exactly... like WOW, did she really say this stuff out loud to the entire planet?
Yes, she did.  

Trump: The Great American Reset ~ by Turiya

Re: Trump: The Great American Reset

Quote Posted by A Voice from the Mountains (here) 
Here is a page explaining how Flynn was orchestrating a sting against the leaking intelligence community at least since December, when he made that phone call in the first place:

It's a Google cache because the original page has already been taken down for some reason.

Flynn knew he was being recorded in December. He's an intel expert, former head of military intelligence. Of course he knew what he was doing.

The Trump administration has been giving out different false stories to insiders and seeing which ones resurface in the media, in order to pinpoint where leaks are occurring. That's why Trump said in his press conference that the leaks are real but the stories are false. When Flynn was fired, it was part of the act and emboldened the media who then "smelled blood in the water," as they say, not realizing that they are all being set up. Not only is leaking classified information a crime, but publishing classified info is a crime. The media is not exempt from this law.

It looks like Trump is building a case to prosecute certain figures in the media who are breaking the law by publishing false info. That's the idea I get from his tone when he tweets that the corporate media is the enemy of the American people.

He just has to be careful how to do with without looking like he's cracking down on freedom of the press, which of course does not include the freedom of publishing classified info. But the press is who reports the story so they would tell it in their own completely false way no doubt.
WOW!!! This Yuuge! A Great find, AVFTM. I would be curious as to where? / how? you came up with this?
This is just too, too good to be true...
Does this mean Flynn is still on board the Trump Train?

I see that David Petraeus has dropped out as a Flynn replacement.
With the mention of author, Tom Clancy, within the article, this has the ring of Steve Pieczenik's involvement with this.

Hope you don't mind but I'm posting this, here...

President Trump has defeated Democrats in the intelligence community (IC) who were leaking classified information to the press. Such leaks have been a problem for many presidents, but Trump is the first who took a proactive approach and set up a sting operation that identified the leakers. It’s highly illegal to leak classified information. It’s also illegal to PUBLISH this information, but Trump is too smart to try and prosecute reporters.

I thought that Trump would fire members of the IC until the leaks stopped, but the president solved the problem with a much more imaginative and deadly approach: He fed the IC false information. When this information was published, Trump was able to identify individual leakers.


Each group or individual who leaked was given a different version of events. This is CLASSIC spycraft. If nine individuals are told nine different stories, and then each of those stories is published, you know the identity of each person who talked to the press.

It’s called a “barium meal,” after the medical test used to detect problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Soft tissues don’t show up on X-rays. Barium salts are “radio-opaque,” meaning that they show up in a radiograph or X-ray.


Author Tom Clancy called it a “canary trap.” You give multiple sources multiple versions of events. When the sources repeat their version word for word, you can identify each leaker individually.


In World War II, “Magic” was the code name for the code-breaking done by the US Army’s Signals Intelligence Service (SIS) and the US Navy’s Communication Special Unit. Japanese military code was called “Purple.” Although Magic had been able to break much of Purple, some things were still a mystery.

Magic determined in early 1942 that the Japanese were close to carrying out a major attack. However, the location of the attack—which the Japanese called “AF”—could not be figured out. Therefore the Americans carried out a barium test: Using an underwater cable, they contacted Midway Island, telling the base to broadcast a radio message “in the clear” that the desalinization plant had broken down.

The Japanese immediately sent a coded message to their forces that the desalinization plant at AF had broken down.

Now the Americans knew that the target of the impending attack was Midway Island. The greatest admiral in the US Navy—Frank Jack Fletcher—was sent out to meet the Japanese before they arrived.
Fletcher was like Donald Trump. He was fearless and imaginative, a man who took massive but CALCULATED risks when given a nearly impossible job. He sank all four of the Japanese aircraft carriers, killing the most experienced officers, sailors, airmen, flight-deck facilitators, and mechanics. Japan never recovered, since there wasn’t enough time to train replacements.

Frank Jack Fletcher was the only flag officer who refused to be interviewed for the official US naval history of World War II. He said that his own actions were unimportant; all that mattered was what his men did. Winner of the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Veracruz (April 21-24, 1914), he died four days before his 88th birthday.

Hiring a hit man

In law enforcement, officers must avoid “entrapment.” A potential criminal must decide to commit the crime him or herself. Officers can’t put the idea into the person’s head. If, for example, a person wants to hire a hit man to murder a spouse, a police officer will pose as a murderer. That officer will ask over and over, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

The officer will describe in detail what he’s going to do, as well as the consequences. The person hiring the hit man therefore makes an informed choice to commit the crime.

Donald Trump posed as a hit man. He made sure that the leakers in the IC knew that their actions were illegal. He WARNED them. Then he launched his sting.
Timeline of the leakers being identified

December 10th, 2015: Retired US Army General Michael T. Flynn attended a conference and banquet in Moscow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of TV news channel RT. It’s claimed that Flynn—a frequent RT paid commentator—was seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the concluding banquet. In reality an empty chair separated the men.
Late January of 2016 – General Michael Flynn began unofficially advising Donald Trump on foreign policy.
August 17, 2016 – As the Republican nominee, Donald Trump received his first classified briefing by the IC. The briefing was prepared by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper. Retired US Army General Michael Flynn sat in.
September 29, 2016 – Time magazine published classified information that the IC briefed Donald Trump that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The source for this claim is an unidentified intelligence official.
October 7, 2016 – The Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence officially accused the Russian government of hacking of the DNC “to interfere with the US election process.”
October 31, 2016 – Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wrote a letter to FBI Director James Comey, claiming that Comey had “explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States.”
November 15, 2016 – Donald Trump received his first presidential daily briefing (PDB). He was given highly classified information by members of the IC. Immediately the IC told the press that Trump demanded security clearances for his children. Trump denied the claim. General Michael Flynn sat in on the PDB.

November 18, 2016 – Trump chose General Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser. A former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn is trained in espionage.
December 9, 2016 – The IC told the press that Trump receives only one PDB per week, at his request. Initially the press did not report that Vice President Elect Mike Pence received the six other presidential daily briefings. Pence is very experienced in foreign policy, having brought multiple Israeli defense contractors to Indiana when he was governor.
The press also did not report the context for Trump receiving one PDB per week: Trump delegates responsibilities. Mike Pence will serve as the president’s surrogate in the foreign policy realm, freeing up Trump to concentrate on domestic policy.
Late December, 2016 – The FBI opened an investigation into the claims that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 US presidential election.
January 10, 2017 – The press began to write about a 35-page dossier put together by an alleged British former spy. The dossier claimed that Russia was attempting to blackmail Donald Trump through the use of sex tapes. Trump denied the allegation.
January 11, 2017 – Trump described his first sting. In order to identify the people leaking classified information to the press, Trump did not tell his staff that the IC was about to brief him. After the briefing, the news was leaked to the press. Trump was therefore able to identify the leakers. He warned them that this behavior is illegal.
January 11, 2017 – DNI James Clapper spoke to Trump by telephone about the leaks. Clapper issued a statement that the leaks are “extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security.”
January 23, 2017 – Having LISTENED TO THE TAPES, the FBI cleared General Michael Flynn of any wrongdoing in his conversations with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak. Flynn did not violate the Logan Act by attempting to influence US foreign policy.
February 2, 2017 – The IC leaked what it said were details of conversations between President Trump, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Both Australia and Mexico denied media reports that the calls were acrimonious and that Trump made threats, was rude, and behaved badly.
February 8, 2017 – In an interview with the Washington Post, General Michael Flynn categorically denied having discussed sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Thus we see that the Washington Post had been given classified information by the IC and wanted to get Flynn on record so that they could spring what they thought was a brilliant trap.
February 9, 2017 – The New York Times and the Washington Post published articles claiming that General Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December of 2016. The articles were very confusing and contradictory. From the Washington Post.


From the New York Times.

Why couldn’t the IC tell us if Flynn had broken the law or not? Because everyone had been given a different story.

General Flynn also knew he was being recorded. Therefore we can have no doubt that this was a sting operation coordinated between President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, General Flynn, the FBI, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

February 13, 2017 – The IC told the press that in late January, acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates warned the White House that General Michael Flynn may be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, due to his conversations with Ambassador Kislyak. Yates based her opinion on “a report.” Sally Q. Yates is the first of the disloyal Democrats to be passed false information. She never listened to the actual tapes of Flynn’s conversations.
February 16, 2017 – Donald Trump gave a press conference in which he admitted to the sting. He said that the leaks are real, but the news is fake.
In other words, the ODNI fed the IC false information that the IC then blathered to the press. The ODNI did this in order to restore to President Trump complete control over the IC so that he can stop the “corrosive and damaging” leaks. Trump also said that the conversations with Australia and Mexico were “almost like a test.”

In reality they WERE a test. No transcripts of the conversations were ever produced, and both Australia and Mexico denied the IC’s claims. The leakers have no access to actual information. They were set up. It’s clear that the Trump sting operation involved PATRIOTIC members of the National Security Agency (NSA) and PATRIOTIC members of the ODNI.

It’s also clear that General Michael Flynn helped create the barium test or canary trap. The CIA hates Flynn due to his criticism of their incompetence. After the major leaks began in September of 2016, General Flynn, Trump, Pence, James Comey, and James Clapper hatched a plan to identify the leakers by giving them false information.

Flynn had to be fired so that the leakers and the press would continue their collusion. This means that Trump has even MORE evidence of their criminality, since they didn’t immediately stop. The firing of Flynn made them overconfident and careless.

“One down, more to go!”

A fake trophy scalp

Flynn was not fired against his will. For some reason people don’t understand that. I’m very surprised. Do you not grasp that Flynn CREATED this operation? The position of National Security Adviser is almost ceremonial. When the leaks began in September of 2016, it was FLYNN who crafted this sting. He hasn’t been sacrificed. Instead, he’s working behind the scenes to root out corruption in the IC.

Today at his press conference, Donald Trump said he thinks the leaks will stop. This is because the leakers are looking at very long prison sentences. Like Tom Cruise in The Firm, Donald Trump now knows everything.

It’s up to the IC whether or not Trump unloads his cargo of information or keeps it at sea forever.
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08 February, 2017


If only we were able to deport citizens, we could use Trump's new policy of excluding those who are "hostile" toward our country to get rid of Judge James Robart.

Judge Robart's veto of Trump's travel ban notwithstanding, there is not the slightest question but that the president, in his sole discretion, can choose to admit or exclude any foreigners he likes, based on "the interests of the United States.”

The Clinton administration used the executive branch's broad power over immigration to send a 6-year-old boy back to a communist dictatorship. The courts were completely powerless to stop him.

As explained by the federal appellate court that ruled on Elian Gonzalez's asylum application: "It is the duty of the Congress and of the executive branch to exercise political will," and "in no context is the executive branch entitled to more deference than in the context of foreign affairs," which includes immigration.

The court acknowledged that Elian might well be subjected to "re-education," "communist indoctrination" and "political manipulation." (Then again, so would enrolling him at Sidwell Friends.) It didn't matter! Sending little boys back to communist dictatorships was the policy of the Clinton administration.

The Obama administration's immigration policy was to ensure that millions of poverty-stricken foreigners would come here and help turn our country into a Mexican version of Pakistan.

When Arizona merely tried to enforce the federal immigration laws being ignored by the Obama administration, the entire media erupted in rage at this incursion into the majestic power of the president over immigration. They said it was like living in Nazi Germany!

The most reviled section of the act, melodramatically called the "Papers Please" law, was upheld by the Supreme Court. But the other parts, allowing state officials to enforce federal immigration laws, were ruled unconstitutional. A president's policy choice to ignore immigration laws supersedes a state's right to enforce them.

The court conceded that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens were arrested in Arizona each year, that they were responsible for "a disproportionate share of serious crime," and that illegals constituted nearly 6 percent of Arizona's population.

But Arizona was powerless to enforce laws on the books -- if those laws happened to be about immigration. The president's authority over immigration is absolute and exclusive, as part of his authority over foreign policy.

To review:

-- When the president's immigration policy is to promote international communism: The president wins.

-- When the president's immigration policy is to transform America into a different country: The president wins.

-- But when the president's immigration policy is to protect Americans: Some piss-ant judge announces that his authority exceeds that of the president.

This is exactly what I warned you about in Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World HellholeNothing Trump does will be met with such massive resistance as his immigration policies.

The left used to attack America by spying for Stalin, aiding our enemies, murdering cops and blowing up buildings. But, then liberals realized, it's so much more effective to just do away with America altogether!

Teddy Kennedy gave them their chance with the 1965 immigration act. Since then, we've been taking in more than a million immigrants a year, 90 percent from comically primitive cultures. They like the welfare, but have very little interest in adopting the rest of our culture.

In many parts of the country, you're already not living in America. Just a few more years, and the transformation will be complete. There will be a North American landmass known as "the United States," but it won't be our country.

The only thing that stands between America and oblivion is a total immigration moratorium. We are well past the point of quick fixes -- as Judge Robart's delusional ruling proves.

The judiciary, both political parties, the media, Hollywood, corporate America and approximately 1 million lobbying groups are all working frantically to bring the hardest cases to our shores. Left-wing traitors, who used to honeymoon in Cuba and fight with peasant revolutionaries in Peru, toil away, late into the night, to ensure that genocidal Rwandans can move to America and immediately start collecting food stamps, Medicaid and Social Security.

No matter how clearly laws are written, government bureaucrats connive to import people from countries that a majority of Americans would not want to visit, much less become. Federal judges issue lunatic rulings to ensure that there will never be a pause in the transformation of America.

Congress could write laws requiring immigrants to pay taxes, learn English, forgo welfare and have good moral character. It could write laws giving the president authority to exclude aliens in the public interest.

Except it already has. Those laws were swept away by INS officials, federal judges and Democratic administrations -- under ferocious pressure from America-hating, left-wing groups.

The country will not be safe until the following outfits are out of business:

The ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project; the National Immigration Forum; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild; the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights; the Office of Migration and Refugee Services; the American Immigration Law Foundation; the American Immigration Lawyers Association; the Border Information and Outreach Service; Atlas: DIY; the Catholic Legal Immigration Network; the Clearinghouse for Immigrant Education; the Farmworker Justice Fund; Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the International Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship; the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force; the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service; the National Association for Bilingual Education; the National Clearinghouse on Agricultural Guest Worker Issues; the National Coalition for Dignity and Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants; the National Coalition for Haitian Rights; the National Council of La Raza; and the National Farm Worker Ministry.

And that's only a small fraction of the anti-American immigration groups assiduously dragging the Third World to our shores -- while you were busy working.

Look at that list -- look at Judge Robart's ruling! -- and ask yourself: Is it possible that anything short of a total immigration moratorium can save this country? Only when there is no immigration to bellyache about will these nuts be forced to think of a new way to destroy America.


28 January, 2017

JC Collins: "Canada Must Ban George Soros Foundations Now!"

Tyler Durden's picture

by Tyler Durden

...And Should Canada Dump the Monarchy and Become a Republic?
It’s of paramount importance that Canada and other nations cut off foreign funding to civil society groups and foundations which operate within their borders. These foundations and organizations represent outside forces which have ulterior motives and agendas which may not always, if ever, be aligned with the needs of the people.
One such foreign “philanthropic” organization is the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation. This foundations sole purpose is the promotion and expansion of the liberal-left international agenda meant to reduce national sovereignty, fund and support massive migration, such as is taking place in Europe, and the promote the mandate of open borders.
Soros and his foundations have provided the majority of funding for liberal-left social justice movements which have eroded national identity, encouraged abortion and divorce, and promote extremist environmentalism and taxation, such as the carbon tax scams which are being implemented in western nations.
Along with giving billions to left-wing socialist organizations Soros also attempts to influence elections, as in the recent American election and other nations.  Even within nations his foundations fund and support groups such as the Dogwood Initiative based in British Columbia.  This group’s stated goal is to influence Canadian elections in federal ridings.
The attempts to remove American sovereignty have been halted by the election of Donald Trump which is why Soros is now funding the protests against the Trump administration.  The control which Soros has over the news media comes from his funding and support for the progressive media watchdog group called Media Matters.  The term “media watchdog” should be interpreted as “ensuring the promotion of liberal-left propaganda”.
The progressive advocacy group is also funded by the foundations of George Soros.  Its purpose is to raise millions of dollars for liberal candidates and is behind such liberal propaganda as comparing political opposition to Hitler.  We have seen these comparisons from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to most recently with Donald Trump.
Soros also funds the progressive think tank Center for American Progress.  The CAP has provided talking points to the Obama Administration and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta even heads up the group.  Obama’s staff consisted of a large percentage of CAP personalities.
The Open Society Foundation has even infiltrated the education systems of most nations by funding curriculum studies and implementing changes to the education courses.  This has been happening for so long now that most western teachers are promoting the liberal-left agenda without even realizing they have been manipulated and conditioned to destroy their own culture from within.
Some of the foundations historical successes have been the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Arab Spring which further fragmented the Middle East and caused massive death and the ongoing migration problem which is affecting the whole world.
The amount George Soros gives to the liberal international agenda is billions, but still only a fraction of his reported $23 billion worth.
Most nations have some form of law or regulation which prevents foreign entitites from funding and influencing elections.  The way the Open Society works around this is by establishing domestic foundations within nations with no direct ties to the larger parent.  These groups are funded by the larger Soros foundation which serves as a third party.  The domestic foundation can then work to influence the elections within the country because once the money is given to them it is no longer considered foreign money or influence.  This needs to change.
So in most cases it is impossible to determine if foreign interests have influenced Canadian elections, or the elections of other nations, because none of the funding has to be registered or reported to the governments of those nations.
George Soros is even funding a progressive war against Israel and has, for all intents and purposes, successfully infiltrated its extreme environmental agenda into the Catholic Church.  There is no political ideology or religion which is off limits.  The liberal-left international agenda has even taken control of the United Nations over the last few decades and is now attempting to force a loss of sovereignty on member nations through sustainable development planning, such as Agenda 2030.
In the post The Take Down of George has Begun, I explained how the world is beginning to turn against George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  Russia, the favorite Soros punching back (mainly because Putin stopped his revolution in Ukraine) has already passed laws banning the Open Society and its broad funding to domestic groups.  (This particular post has been copied and spread around the globe through re-posts and YouTube videos, reaching millions of people.)
Since that post, Soros' home nation of Hungary has also enacted legislation to ban the Open Society Foundation and all subsidiary organizations and those who receive funding.  Macedonia has also started a massive movement called “Stop Operation Soros” which is meant to remove all traces and influence of the foundation from its internal politics.
This war against George Soros is only just beginning.
President Trump will be taking action against Soros in the weeks and months to come, as will other nations. In part two of The Take Down of George Soros has Begun we explore how the next stages of this take down may look, everything from Iran becoming the dominant regional power in the Middle East to the collapse of Soros friendly Saudi Arabia.
It is time for Canada to take action now against George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  Our liberal-left socialist government is aligned with both Soros and the mandates of the United Nations.  The same agenda is attempting to take control and/or keep control of Canadian provinces through the same tactics as described above.  Our media is in alliance with this agenda, just like the major news media in the United States are aligned against Trump.
Even our non-liberal political parties, such as the Progressive Conservatives, both federal and provincial, promote the mandates and propaganda of the Open Society Foundation.  The Alberta PC Party is tripping over itself as it attempts to stop leadership candidate Jason Kenney from hijacking the party.  Kenney’s campaign platform is positioned against the mandates of the liberal-left.  The other leadership hopefuls, along with party insiders, are doing everything they can to delegitimize his campaign or find ways to remove him from the race.  Even the liberal media is attacking him, as would be expected.
If our major political parties will not serve the people of Canada and protect our way of life from the liberal international agenda funded by George Soros then it is time for Canadians, like others around the world, to begin the process of taking back our political systems and removing this insidious disease from our countries and cultures. This may mean starting a new federal political party and completely redefining the structure of Canadian governance to reflect the ideals of a republic as opposed to maintaining a defunct, purposeless, and symbolic allegiance to a monarchy who sold us out long ago.

27 January, 2017

The Clinton Foundation Is Dead — But The Case Against Hillary Isn't

                       Former U.S. President Bill Clinton 
                       walks on stage 
                       at the Clinton Global Initiative. (AP)

While everyone's been gearing up for President Trump's
 inauguration, the 
Clinton Foundation made a major announcement this 
week that went by
 with almost no notice: For all intents and purposes, 
it's closing its doors.
In a tax filing, the Clinton Global Initiative said it's 
firing 22 staffers and 
closing its offices, a result of the gusher of 
foreign money that kept 
the foundation afloat suddenly drying up after 
Hillary Clinton 
failed to win the presidency.
It proves what we've said all along: 
The Clinton Foundation 
was little more than an influence-peddling scheme 
to enrich the Clintons, 
and had little if anything to do with "charity," 
either overseas or in the U.S. 
That sound you heard starting in November 
was checkbooks being 
snapped shut in offices around the world
 by people who had hoped 
their donations would buy access to the 
next president of the United States.
And why not? There was a strong precedent for it
 in Hillary Clinton's 
tenure as secretary of state. While serving as the
 nation's top diplomat, 
the Clinton Foundation took money from at least
 seven foreign governments — 
a clear breach of Clinton's pledge on taking office 
that there would be
 total separation between her duties and 
the foundation.
Is there a smoking gun? Well, of the 
154 private interests
 who either
 officially met or had scheduled phone talks
 with Hillary Clinton
she was secretary of state, at least 
85 were donors to the 
Clinton Foundation or one of its programs.
In November, we asked the question:
The answer is yes.
All the way back in May, we outlined how 
the Clinton Foundation 
had taken in $100 million from a collection of 
Gulf sheikhs and billionaires,
 along with millions from private businesses, 
who expected — and received 
— special access to the State Department's 
top official, Hillary.
In his 2015 book "Clinton Cash," 
author Peter Schweizer showed how 
during Hillary's years in government "the Clintons 
have conducted or 
facilitated hundreds of large transactions 
(either as private citizens
 or government officials) with foreign governments, 
corporations and 
private financiers." He called the sums going to the 
Clintons "staggering."
Using the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch in
(that had been hidden from investigators) showing that 
Clinton's top State Department aide, Huma Abedin, 
had given 
"special expedited access to the secretary of state" 
for those who gave
 $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.
 Many of those were
 facilitated by a former executive of the foundation, 
Doug Band, 
who headed Teneo, a shell company that managed the
 Clintons' affairs.
As part of this elaborate arrangement, Abedin was
 given special permission
 to work for the State Department, the Clinton Foundation
 and Teneo —
 another very clear conflict of interest.
As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said at the time, 
"These new emails 
confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by 
selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors."
The seedy saga doesn't end there. Indeed, 
there are so many facets to it, 
some may never be known. But there is still at least one 
possibly four active federal investigations
 into the Clintons' supposed charity.
Americans aren't willing to forgive and forget. 
Earlier this month,
 the IBD/TIPP Poll asked Americans 
whether they would like 
President Obama to pardon Hillary 
for any crimes she may have committed 
as secretary of state, including the illegal use of an 
unsecured homebrew email server. Of those queried,
 57% said no. 
So if public sentiment is any guide, 
the Clintons' problems may just be beginning.
Writing in the Washington Post in August of 2016,
 Charles Krauthammer 
"The foundation is a 
massive family enterprise disguised as a charity, 
an opaque and elaborate mechanism
 for sucking money from the rich 
and the tyrannous to be channeled to 
Clinton Inc.," he wrote. 
"Its purpose is to maintain the Clintons' 
lifestyle (offices, travel accommodations, etc.), 
secure profitable connections,
 produce favorable publicity and reliably employ 
a vast entourage of retainers, 
ready to serve today and at the coming Clinton Restoration."
Except, now there is no Clinton Restoration. 
So there's no reason for 
any donors to give money to the foundation. 
It lays bare the fiction
 of a massive "charitable organization," 
and shows it for what it was: 
a scam to sell for cash the waning influence of the 
Democrats' pre-eminent power couple. 
As far as the charity landscape goes,
 the Clinton Global Initiative won't be missed.

Go for it Trump...  drain the swamp.