31 January, 2011

Voices From The Shattered Gulf ~ Rense.com ~ 1 Feb., 2011

Talk show host legend Mr. Jeff Rense has publicly announced a three hour special program, Voices From The Shattered Gulf, inviting Americans and listeners around the globe to Rense Radio Network Tuesday, February 1, 7-10pm, PST to hear poisoned people, their advocates - and the truth.

Mr. Rense stated that he has gathered a host of Gulf Heroes to reveal Gulf Truth and give listeners the opportunity to stand in solidarity with them.

Increasingly, Gulf state residents are struggling to survive illnesses and poisoning from the so-called "oil-spill," while their advocates, independent scientists, doctors and frontline workers, are fighting to survive often vicious extremist persecution, murder, assassination attempts, death threats, stalking and infiltrator actions.

Due to the mainstream media consistently covering-up Gulf Truth since the very beginning of the Macondo Well Explosion in April 2010, Mr. Rense has equally consistently presented Gulf Truth experts and victims whose health crises are being exposed by heroic, independent doctors, scientists and researchers on his famous website and radio program. He has run a non-stop stream of hard news about the injured and dying in articles and videos on his home page of Rense.com and on the Rense Radio Network program he hosts nightly, Moday through Friday from 7:00 to10pm Pacific Standard Time.







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