06 May, 2009

Clif High @ HPH - ALTA REPORTS & Jeff Rense

From Jeff Rense: The Half Past Human
ALTA Reports
This is a note from Clif High. It is self-explanatory...

The rumor going around the net is that the PowersThatBe have some how scuttled the web bot project. Here's the truth of the matter, though: No, the 'rickety time machine' project has NOT been co-opted, nor has it been sold out...but there are messages like this one floating about the net...

"According to some unnamed sources, the Web Bots may have been sold out. My question is: How much money did it take for TPTB to buy Clif and Crew out?

I'm not sure either, but I guess everyone has a price. I guess too much information on the happenings of the Earthly world which surrounds us was being put into the open. After all, I really cannot see why they would end their long-running program of future-prediction/rickedy time machine monkeybusiness for anything else. I guess TPTB have taken the last of what was once a good warning method for us in the masses... "

Upon receipt, I passed it along to Cliff for comments and he sent back an unexpectedly detailed reply:

"My name is clif high and I invented the process that Geore Ure named the 'web bot project'. I have run this project since its inception in 1994, when I came up with the beginnings of the idea, through to the point that we went into a planned working vacation just a month ago. It is a process of my design and efforts. Others, including George and Igor have participated and have helped shape the project along the way, and have played equally vital roles in its success. However, the burdens, karmic and other, have been primarily mine. I wrote all the code for the software over 1995 through 1997 and have been in production with the work ever since.

In response to the suggestion that the 'web bot project' has 'sold out' to TPTB, I say emphatically BULLSHIT! This is NOT the case.

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