09 October, 2006


The word Druid means Tree. This meaning comes to us from the Age of Gemini which occurred 6,000 years ago.

The religion of Gemini was established under the leadership of the Maji who were being called Druids among the Celts. During this time the Maji were the people whom the Bible calls the "priests of the groves." It was commonly supposed they were ignorant people worshipping trees and performing all sorts of fertility rites with trees. This was far from true. Their religion was more of a "Johnny Appleseed" variety. They taught people that the highest religion was obedience to the first commandment of the Heavenly Father - to dress and keep the world as a Garden of Eden for man's happiness.

Therefore, every time an apple or fruit was eaten the people were taught to put the seeds in a pouch. Every time one sat down to rest he was taught to plant one seed. This they did throughout the whole continent of Europe and soon the entire continent was covered with trees and vines bearing fruits, nuts and berries. People walked from one end of Europe to the other living upon the fruits of the forest.

This they did, and there was no private property in all the world. People wandered hither and yon from the northern regions of Scandinavia to southern Italy. They followed their teachers in small groups, discussing religion and philosophy, as they wandered north and south, eating freely of every tree in the forest.

All of Europe began to resemble what the world will be like when people obey the first commandment of God, "Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and make the whole earth a garden of Eden."

Certain people then decided to stay in a certain place because they loved that particular area. And so they stayed there, lived there and took care of a particular grove. And they were known as the priests of the groves.

~ This Legend comes from the teachings of the Druidic Craft of the Wise ~ The American Rite.
Learning From Trees

"The trees are our teachers. Their silence speaks of wisdom and patience for these ancient spirits have persevered the centuries, witnessing human evolution. Take the giant Sequoia, for instance. Not only has this 'big tree' - the most massive of all living forms - been around for more than 135 million years, some of the living ones are believed to be close to 4000 years old. Trees - they are sturdy, poised, determined, and resilient. They always seem to know where they stand. They exist in the present and radiate presence. They express themselves with ease. These are just a few of the lessons that these wooded creatures have to impart.

The tree as an image of illumination and life has made its way to the center of many tales. The Buddha reached enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. According to Norse mythology, Odin became the God of Wisdom by hanging on Yggdrasil, the world ash tree that unites heaven, earth, and hell. And both the Kabalah and Bhagavad Gita describe a tree that grows upside down, with its roots in heaven and its branches in the world.

Trees show us how to strive. They connect with all the levels of the cosmos, simultaneously and harmoniously. Their roots burrow deep into the soil, boldly penetrating the unknown world of Under. Their trunks belong to Mother Earth. And their branches reach up, up, swaying fluently in the sky. May we also stand firmly grounded, bending effortlessly with the winds of change; always growing toward the light. In addition, the leafy guardians represent generosity: they regulate the magnetic field of the earth; they offer us shade, absorb our carbon monoxide and offer us fresh air. May we too try to nourish, shelter and protect one another as well as our fellow forests.

Next time you are in the presence of a magnificent trunk, thank it for its beauty and its teachings. Perhaps try placing your hands on its bark and breathing deeply - you may just feel its calm and ageless energy coursing through you."

For more on this see http://www.druidcraft.us/legends.htm


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