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18 December, 2010

Total lunar eclipse 2010 and Winter Solstice on Monday 20 December, 2010

The first ever total lunar eclipse in two years will happen during the shortest day of the year. (In the Northern Hemisphere) Isn’t that exciting?

A total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North and Central America in United States from 8:40 p.m. EST Monday, December 20, 2010, until 9:53 a.m. Tuesday, December 21st. The said celestial event is first in almost three years.

Total lunar eclipse means the shadow of the earth (or also called Umbra) will fully cover the surface of the moon, making it partially, to almost invisible. During the “peak” of the eclipse, the earth’s umbra shadow will give the moon a red-brown like effect (moon looks like a cheese). Another interesting thing about the upcoming natural event is the day it falls. Monday’s total lunar eclipse will take place on the same date as the winter solstice (the summer solstice if you live to the south).

A total lunar eclipse will happen on Monday, December 20th in some parts of Northern and Central America. Total lunar eclipse means the earth's shadow will totally cover the moon's surface, making it almost invisible, and will give a red-like effect.

Winter solstice is Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day of the year, and the first day of the winter season. The sun will be visible in the lowest part of our sky because the North Pole of the earth will be pointing away from it.

Thanks Nina!


07 October, 2010

HalfPastHuman~ CERN and LHC strangelets` IS IT SAFE?

The planned ‘fire off’ of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on November 9th has sparked a flurry of concern globally that ‘strangelets’ could be produced. Not only those in the wo-jo are expressing fear language about this latest LJC threat. Many thinking humans on the planet are into deep 'HMMMMMMMM!' mode as the officialdom minions announce the LHC latest 'torch date'.

My personal view of reality, that is to say, the nature of the continuous creation/destruction energy wave model of universe, would suggest that all of the intense hunting for ever smaller ‘particles’ is a total waste of time and resources. Further that strangelets can neither exist, nor cause ultimate doom. However, this is not to say that CERN LHC is safe. Screwing around with energetic universe by the LHC scientists, especially those with the darker shadows, can well have very negative consequences for this planet. The real danger of the LHC goes totally unappreciated by the ‘scientists’ currently stuck in their ‘material world view’ of universe. The LHC is capable of causing quite a few disturbances up the vibration chain from material reality. That potential (puns intended) can produce very very very negative results for life as we know it. The good news is that the mere presence of the equipment and all the energy going into the LHC is certainly known to UpFrequency LIFE in universe, and as universe has self balancing mechanisms in place, including Life and Consciousness, I do not expect to perish via planetary conversion to LHC produced strangelets….actually, I am expecting the LHC to go YAFU (yet-another-fuck-up) when they throw the switch for the strangelets experiment.

That said, i am still expecting wind born sheeit acceleration globally over November 8 through the 11th prior to the uprising of release language that will continue through to March of 2011. But, LHC? Conversion to Stranglet Zombies? Probably not. Likely only one word will be needed on November 9th about the LHC and its output....that's right......YaaaaaaaFuuuuuuuu!

Now on to real worries like what-about-all-that-time-stuff leaking out of universe?

clif high

October 7, 2010

copyright to HalfPastHuman. All rights reserved.

Information on CERN!

Wonder what will happen? Time to wake up and pay attention!!!!

Peace on Earth!

11 August, 2010

The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving~ The World Vision Portal

By Michael Edward

I have been interviewing family and friends who live along the Gulf of Mexico coast in Louisiana and Mississippi. Many of them had been working on shrimp boats before May 1, 2010 and a cousin is a shrimp boat owner. I have also spoken at length with two RN's working at a Gulf coast Emergency Room and an Emergency Clinic who are close family friends. I am basing what follows on their observations and knowledge along with my own personal research.

A cousin who owns his own shrimp boat was hired by BP to assist with oil boom and cleanup operations. Other family members were also hired and have been his crew while undertaking BP boom and cleanup assistance operations. They were all forced to sign agreements not to publicly speak about their work or anything about BP operations. Their legal agreements do not mention anything about speaking openly to their families.


Every one of those working on the shrimp boat have suffered from flu-like symptoms since the end of May, 2010. This includes migraine headaches, eye aches, joint aches, ear aches, severe coughing bouts, fevers, vomiting, and swollen glands (especially in the neck). These same symptoms are being seen in the coastal ER's as well. But as family and the RN's have confirmed, these symptoms are not caused by any viral flu. This is not the same as the Asian Flu or any other viral flu bug. These symptoms are directly caused by a lack of oxygen due to airborne chemicals and toxic gases.

Most family members who work and live further inland have not yet encountered these symptoms since their jobs are indoors where recirculating air conditioning systems isolate them from constant outdoor air exposure. They also drive to/from work with the recirculating A/C system on to keep cool. The same applies when they are in their air conditioned homes. But those who do work outdoors 10-20 miles inland have recently experienced many of the same flu-like symptoms as those in the family who are working on the boats.

According to the ER nurses, in the southern Mississippi and Louisiana areas there have been more than 600 cases of what their staffs have appropriately named the "BP flu". The vast majority of these "flu" cases are with those people who are working along the coast, as well as further offshore, on boats; and those who live along the southernmost areas along the Gulf of Mexico. One might initially think - based on mainstream media reports - that these flu-like symptoms are nothing to be overly concerned about. This is not a matter of 'take two aspirins and call me in the morning'. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As reported by researchers at Columbia Univ.'s National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) in late July 2010, more than 40 percent of adults living within ten miles of the coast say they have experienced direct exposure to the oil spill or clean-up effort. Within this group, nearly 40 percent reported physical symptoms of skin irritations and respiratory problems.


Along with the symptoms that mimic flu-like viruses, there are increasing cases of severe symptomatic cyanosis. These rapidly increasing symptoms range from bluish lip color to numbness in fingers and toes. There is also a fast growing increase of pneumonia cases which are being diagnosed as chemical induced pneumonia. Those working on boats and those living directly on the coast are the most effected.

Cyanosis is simply oxygen starvation in the blood. With a moderate case involving such a lack of oxygen, the skin appears to have a blueish colour. Hands and fingers especially show these signs as will other extremities such as toes and lips. A lack of oxygen in the blood can also have a purplish appearance where the skin surface is red from sun exposure but the blood beneath the skin is blue. Red and blue make purple.

If all these BLUE FLU symptoms were temporary, most everyone suffering from them would eventually recover as the blood becomes increasingly oxygenated once removed from the oxygen depletion source. Short term exposure and biological complications to gases and chemicals that starve the air and lungs from oxygen, creating cyanosis, are usually reversible. However, long term exposure is not fully reversible. Long term exposure depends on how depleted the air is of oxygen and how much time a person has been exposed to that condition.


The same goes for oxygen levels in water. Fish, turtles, and crustaceans (shrimp and lobsters) die quickly when oxygen levels have been depleted. Dolphins and whales are mammals and they depend on surface water air to breathe their oxygen. Since May 2010, there has been an epidemic of dead fish, turtles, dolphins, sharks and whales in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The mainstream media has failed to report this truth. As someone who works closely with other animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation services throughout the southeast, I have been told there are very few turtles or marine animals being rescued because the majority are already dead when found.

It's more than obvious that the water in the northern Gulf of Mexico is severely depleted of oxygen. This also applies to the surface air that dolphins and whales - as well as people - depend on to breathe.

In May 2010, tests done by various research vessels in the northern Gulf of Mexico showed a 30-60% decrease in oxygen levels. This was three long months ago. This surely accounts for the vast fish kills. But when you combine lethal chemicals - such as Corexit - along with oil and gas by-products from large plumes of oil hidden deep in the Gulf, the problem is yet in its initial stages. As the algae naturally attacks these chemicals, oil and gases, a further oxygen depletion occurs. It's nature's way of attempting to correct the problem. The result of that natural process is severe oxygen depletion.


While the Blue Flu symptoms are increasing for more and more people, those who have had 30+ days of direct exposure to the toxic and oxygen depleted Gulf air and water are in immediate danger of permanent and irreversible biological damage... if not death.

How humans and animals biologically react to cyanosis depends on the severity of exposure and time of exposure. At first, the body will compensate as best it can. But sooner or later, the body is overcome and severe complications begin. Without enough oxygen, the body will begin to rot and die from the inside out. The outward signs can be numbness in extremities, swollen necks and throats, blue lips, dark purple tongues, blue or gray skin colour, and even bloodshot eyes as the body attempts to filter out the toxins. Lymph nodes and adenoids are overburdened.

But these outward signs are the result of severe inward problems. Left exposed to a lack of oxygen, the kidneys and liver will fail and shut down. Heart failure is next. It's the same as someone who has decided to commit suicide by carbon monoxide depletion of oxygen in a locked garage with their car running. They die from cyanosis, the lack of oxygen. People living and working along the northern Gulf coast will eventually die the same way if exposed to depleted oxygen levels long enough.


The oil and gas from the Biloxi Dome area has not stopped flowing. It's an oil exploration well which blew out on or about February 13, 2010 so severely that it deposited the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) and the steel well casing hundreds of yards away on the ocean floor. There is nothing there to cap or abate the oil flow with. It's an open hole that is nothing less than an oil, gas and tar volcano. While a certain leaking BP well may have been capped seven miles northeast of the Biloxi Dome area, an already large underwater lake of oil at an approximate 3,000 foot depth is rapidly growing each hour. It's estimated 9 mile length in May 2010 is surely dwarfed in size now.

Don't be fooled by the lack of surface oil being reported by the mainstream media shills and BP. Corexit hides what is beneath and Corexit is more toxic than crude oil itself. The only people denying the existence of the underwater plumes are the people at BP. And they offer no evidence to contradict the extremely solid evidence provided by four universities, including LSU, of the existence of these huge underwater plumes of oil.


Just because you don't live on the Gulf coast, don't think the Blue Plague won't come your way. As more gas, oil and tar fills the Gulf of Mexico from the Biloxi Dome area, more toxins are released into the water and the air.

Evaporation, storms, and hurricanes will spread the continually increasing oil-chemical-gas toxins inland. Certain areas may experience more severe exposure than those living on the Gulf coast. In concentrated amounts, it will be as acid rain that has washed and destroyed your crops, trees or grass. It will enter streams, lakes, and underground water sources. Fish, mammals, and animals will die just as they have in and along the Gulf coast. Potable water and food will be effected. The air will be effected. The Blue Plague will grow as more airborne and cloud-filled toxins spread the Gulf oil and gas lakes beneath the surface inland.

If you don't believe this is happening now or will never happen in your home town in the future, then just keep your face buried in your HDTV screen and keep the beer flowing while you watch NASCAR races and Dr. Phil. But if you have decided the mainstream media is not telling you the truth, then wake up and smell the roses. The true health effects on humans will only begin to surface years from now and this includes proven carcinogenic cancers.

The Blue Flu may be all that most will have to endure because of the spewing oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico, but don't bet your life on avoiding the Blue Plague.

Additional sources & references:

Excellent work by Michael Edward...
For more go to:

BP Gulf oil spill Blue flu predicted by web bots now here!..Evacuation & stock market crash next?

Thanks once again ME!


04 August, 2010

The Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon

The Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon
Credit & Copyright: Ben Cooper

Explanation: What are those strange rock structures? They are towers and walls of sedimentary rock that are particularly plentiful in Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA. The rock columns may rise higher than 50 meters and are called hoodoos. On the far left is Thor's Hammer, perhaps the most famous hoodoo. The tall rock columns were carved, most typically, when a unusually dense cap of rock provided a layer of protection to rock underneath from rain-based erosion. In the above panoramic picture taken earlier this month and compressed horizontally, the foreground rocks were momentarily illuminated by a roving spotlight. Visible in the background are a few water clouds a few kilometers away hovering over the nearby Earth. Visible well beyond that are thousands of individually discernible stars averaging a few hundred light years away in the nearby Milky Way Galaxy. Far in the distance lie billions of stars that are thousands of light years away and compose the faintly glowing arch that is the visible central band of the flat disk of our Milky Way. Over many years, wind and rain will eventually cause the tops of the hoodoos to topple, whereafter the underlying column will likely completely erode away.

As Above
So Below~


28 July, 2010

The World Vision Portal ~ Source of Gulf Oil Plumes: 7 Miles from Deepwater Horizon ~by Michael Edward

Source of Gulf Oil Plumes: 7 Miles from Deepwater Horizon

Postby Gnosty » Today, 20:39
After reading the following, I'm sure everyone will also reach the same logical conclusion as I have based on the evidence, facts and truth I'm presenting here. All illustrations are taken directly from the referenced reports cited below.


At Latitude 28/40/00 N and Longitude 88/26/00 W [decimal Latitude 28.6666 Longitude -88.4333] in the Gulf of Mexico is an ancient volcanic crater. It's geographically classified as an undersea hill and the common name given to it is the Biloxi Dome. It's located approximately 7 miles or about 12 kilometers southwest from the BP Deepwater Horizon well [Latitude 28/44/17 N Longitude 88/21/57 W].

In this satellite picture, the Biloxi Dome is at the center of the picture and looks like a shoe or an oblong shaped rim of a volcano:

In this satellite image, the BP Deepwater Horizon well is marked in white and is positioned northeast of the Biloxi Dome crater:

NOAA Underwater Joint Analysis Group Study

NOAA (National Oceanographic and Aeronautical Administration) has now released their underwater study, the Joint Analysis Group (JAG) Review, which examined subsurface oil in and around the BP Deepwater Horizon well #1 - located in Mississippi Canyon block 252 - from May 19 to June 19, 2010.

Their report presented data collected by five research vessels; the R/V Brooks McCall, R/V Ocean Veritas, R/V Walton Smith, R/V Thomas Jefferson, and R/V Gordon Gunter.

They used a scientific method called Fluorometry to measure for underwater oil. Fluorescence Spectroscopy - a/k/a Fluorometry or Spectrofluorometry - is a type of electromagnetic spectroscopy which analyzes fluorescence. It usually utilizes a beam of ultraviolet light that excites the electrons in molecules of certain compounds and causes them to emit light of a lower energy, such as visible light. For more information on how this works, see

Conclusions made from their report stated that their Fluorometry measurements showed the presence of oil at a depth between 1000 and 1300 meters. They also concluded that active oil seeps were mapped at about 12 kilometers southwest of the BP Deepwater Horizon wellhead.

As I stated above, the Biloxi Dome is located approximately 12 kilometers southwest of the BP Deepwater Horizon well. This means that NOAA and the Joint Analysis Group positively identified the Biloxi Dome to be the source of the active oil leaks.


Below is a closeup of the leaks from May 19 through June 19 at the (now identified) Biloxi Dome. There are seven major leaks shown as purple colored cylinders from the JAG report:

Included within the NOAA Interim Project Mission Report June 3-11, 2010 aboard NOAA's Research Vessel, the R/V Thomas Jefferson, is a 3D rendering of the Biloxi Dome leaks showing greater detail. At the time, they did not report the location of these major ocean floor leaks. If you look closely at the 3D rendering, you can easily see it shows the seven purple cylinders denoting the identified leaks along the rim of the Biloxi Dome crater.

Oil leaks (red and yellow columns) mapped by Thomas Jefferson, and by Gordon Gunter (purple cylinders) along with CTD stations showing high fluorescence (brown, green and white spheres). Deepwater Horizon well site is in background (red cylinder) and distribution of Bottom Following Reflectors is represented by orange lines.


Using the identified sea floor leaks in the Biloxi Dome crater rim along with the BP Deepwater Wellhead position, and then overlaying that NOAA map with Google Earth, the following image reveals a very clear and startling picture:

Map created by Alexander Higgins

Each verified oil leak along the crater rim of the Biloxi Dome is tagged with numbers 3 through 9. Here are the calculated distances between each identified leak and BP's Deepwater Horizon well #1 along with the Latitude and Longitude locations of each oil leak:

No. / Latitude / Longitude / Kilometer distance / Mileage distance
#3 / 28°40’38.71″N / -88°24’51.74″W / 08.26 km from BP Well / 5.13 miles from BP Well
#4 / 28°40’14.87″N / -88°24’34.36″W / 08.63 km from BP Well / 5.36 miles from BP Well
#5 / 28°41’39.42″N / -88°29’05.44″W / 12.59 km from BP Well / 7.82 miles from BP Well
#6 / 28°41’00.14″N / -88°28’33.90″W / 12.36 km from BP Well / 7.68 miles from BP Well
#7 / 28°40’51.22″N / -88°27’04.30″W / 10.49 km from BP Well / 6.51 miles from BP Well
#8 / 28°40’19.30″N / -88°28’04.34″W / 12.38 km from BP Well / 7.69 miles from BP Well
#9 / 28°39’28.11″N / -88°27’24.13″W / 12.59 km From BP Well / 7.82 miles from BP Well

The average distance between all seven oil leaks and the Deepwater Horizon well is 6.8 miles or 11 kilometers.


I have been repeatedly posting on other forums (including GLP under my User Name Oiled in Florida) and have stated on Free Association Radio hosted by Robert Phoenix that the cause of the major oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico was from a source 7-10 miles away from the well that exploded the Deepwater Horizon rig. My estimated distance was short by 2/10ths of a mile.

The major oil leak source that is creating enormous undersea lakes of oil a/k/a oil plumes - which BP then mixes Corexit into - is the ancient seabed Gulf of Mexico volcanic crater commonly called the Biloxi Dome.

The recent July capping and pressure testing of BP Deepwater Horizon well #1 did NOT cause the Biloxi Dome leaks as they were verified between May 19 and June 19 while the Deepwater Horizon well was still leaking oil.

There is a calculated and deliberate cover-up regarding the facts I have presented above. Not a single talking head on TV nor a single newspaper has dared to report the truth... and that truth is more than obvious to anyone who would have bothered to read the latest JAG Report. Apparently, they can neither read nor do they have any investigative reporters on their payrolls. That includes over 100 days of erroneous, misleading, and downright lying statements made from the DC Executive Mansion as well as the US Coast Guard.

Source Page:

Thanx ME and Robert!

Listen to Michael Edward on Robert's blogtalk radio show 'FAR':

Peace and Love 2U Guys!
Be Well...

08 June, 2010

New Comet Visible in Early Morning Sky

Skywatcher Michael Jäger of Stixendorf, Austria, took this photo of the newfound comet McNaught C/2009 R1 on June 6, 2010, while the comet was visible in the northeastern morning sky. Full Story. Credit: Michael Jäger

A recently discovered comet is surprising skywatchers by becoming brighter than predictions had first suggested and can now be seen with the unaided eye during the next few weeks.

Comet McNaught, officially catalogued as C/2009 R1, was discovered by Australian astronomer Robert McNaught last September using the using the 0.5-meter Uppsala Schmidt telescope and a CCD camera. It's the 51st comet that bears McNaught's name.

Although initially an extremely faint object, enough observations of the newfound comet were made to allow Brian Marsden of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass., to calculate an orbit.

Comet McNaught is expected to pass closest to the sun (perihelion) on July 2, at a distance of 37 million miles (60 million km). This sky map shows where to look in order to spot the comet in the morning sky. (see link)

The comet is visible now for people with dark skies away from urban and suburban lighting. By mid-June it may be an easy skywatching target for most people.

Comets brighten when the get nearer to the sun, because solar radiation boils icy particles and dust off the comet's nucleus. A cloud of material called a head, or coma, and sometimes a tail form. It's all illuminated by reflected sunlight.

This recently discovered comet, McNaught C/2009 R1, should not be confused with another dazzling comet to bear McNaught's name – C/2006 P1 McNaught – which also put on a show for skywatchers in 2007 that was so stunning, it earned the moniker "Great Comet of 2007." [Great Comet McNaught photos.]

Comet brightens rapidly

As comet McNaught approached the sun, amateur and professional astronomers worldwide watched with interest as it slowly increased in brightness.

When April began, the comet was estimated at magnitude +12. That's still about 250 times dimmer than the faintest star that one might see without any optical aid. But the comet started brightening more rapidly in the days and weeks that followed and it's now bright enough to be glimpsed with the naked eye in a dark clear sky.

The most recent "reliable" observation was made by Alexandre Amorim of Florianopolis,Brazil who saw the comet on June 6 using 10x50 binoculars and estimated the magnitude as +5.5. That's about as bright as the faintest star in the bowl of the Little Dipper (on this scale, smaller numbers represent brighter objects).

In the coming days, the comet is expected to continue to brighten as it gets closer to the sun.

When and where to see it

If you want to get a view of the comet, you'll have to get up early in the morning. Set your alarm clock for at least two hours before sunrise. For most people that will mean around 3:30 a.m. local time. The comet is currently moving through the constellation of Perseus, the Hero, which at that early hour will be low in the northeast part of the sky.

The comet will pass to the south of the second magnitude star, Mirfak around June 14. Both star and comet will be about 20-degrees above the northeast horizon (10-degrees is roughly equal to the width of your clenched fist held at arm's length; so the comet will be about "two fists" up from the horizon).

Don't expect anything spectacular just yet, however.

The comet should appear as a dim and diffuse, circular patch of light. Binoculars or a small telescope will help to bring it out better; you might even make out a faint greenish color.

From the head of the comet, a narrow tail of gas extends. John Bortle, a well known comet observer, likens McNaught's appearance as resembling an "apple on a stick."

"From the few rough magnitude estimates I have seen posted, it would appear that the comet is perhaps a magnitude brighter than had been anticipated, but whether this trend will continue is, as usual, anybody's guess," Bortle said.

Getting Lower ... and Harder to See

After June 15, Comet McNaught will rapidly slide lower toward the north-northeast horizon, passing very close to the brilliant star Capella in the constellation Auriga around June 22 and a few mornings later very near to the second magnitude star Menkalinan.

By then, McNaught will be visible – albeit with some difficulty – both in the evening sky for a short while just after sunset very low above the north-northwest horizon and in the morning sky just before sunrise very low above the north-northeast horizon.

Comets are very unpredictable, but some astronomers say Comet McNaught might reach magnitude +2 by the end of June. If so, it won't rival the brightest stars in the sky, but it should be easy to spot and readily identifiable as a comet. will provide updates on this new comet as conditions change.

Joe Rao serves as an instructor and guest lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium. He writes about astronomy for The New York Times and other publications, and he is also an on-camera meteorologist for News 12 Westchester, New York.

HOPI >><<


05 May, 2010

Rumi ~ Kaimana

“Oh lovers, lovers, it is time
To set out from the world…
Beneath this water-wheel of stars
Your sleep has been heavy.
Observe that heaviness and beware
For life is fragile and quick.
Heart, aim yourself at Love!
Friend, discover the Friend!
Watchman, Wake up! You weren’t put
here to sleep!”



"Be the Love
you wish to see in the world"

"Wisdom is knowing 'I am nothing'
Love is knowing 'I am everything'
and between the two my life moves"
~~~Nisargatta Maharaj~~~

Thanks again Kaimana...


16 April, 2010


=== - Daily Quote ===

They think they know what is good for man

It seems to me that the whole world is intent on capturing the mind of man. We have created the psychological world of relationship, the world in which we live, and it in turn is controlling us, shaping our thinking, our activities, our psychological being. Every political and religious organization, you will find, is after the mind of man—after in the sense of wanting to capture it, shape it to a certain pattern. The powers-that-be in the communist world are blatantly conditioning the mind of man in every direction, and this is also true of the organized religions throughout the world, who for centuries have tried to mold the way of man’s thought. Each specialized group, whether religious, secular, or political, is striving to draw and to hold man within the pattern of that which its books, its leaders, the few in power think is good for him. They think they know the future; they think they know what is the ultimate good for man. The priests, with their so-called religious authority, as well as the worldly powers—whether it be in Rome, in Moscow, in America, or elsewhere—are all trying to control man’s thought process, are they not? And most of us eagerly accept some form of authority and subject ourselves to it. There are very few who escape the clutches of this organized control of man and his thinking.

The Collected Works, Vol. X - 98


Do not ever forget your power of INTENT and IMAGINATION>>>>>


15 April, 2010

Weatherman includes CHEMTRAILS in his report

Weatherman includes chemtrails in his report
At just after 1-min; this weather man mentions chem trails on radar. TRANSCRIPT: "Here in southern Oregon and northern California we've got a bit of an unusual situation. Now, this first portion of the radar cycle fairly bland and typical, but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region that is not rain, that is not snow. Believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region dropping chaff--bits of aluminum, sometimes it's made of plastic or even metalicized paper product. But it's used as an anti-radar issue and not, obviously, they're up there practicing. Now, they won't confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for many years and I can tell you that that's what it is." Recommended by Kathy Roberts ( who wrote: "Bullsh-t it's "an anti-radar issue"! Just trying to explain-away what people are noticing and get them to accept this so-called military "practicing". VOLUMES OF DATA, LAB TESTS, PHOTOS AND VIDEO FOOTAGE, FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE, MAKE CLEAR THE CONCLUSION THAT AEROSOL SPRAYING HAS BEEN AN ONGOING LETHAL REALITY. Aluminum, Barium and other elements have been found in surface waters, air samples and soil tests, HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF TIMES HIGHER THAN EPA ALLOWABLE LEVELS. Geo engineer David Keith announced at the AAAS meeting in San Diego, On Saturday, Feb. 20th, that the stratospheric AEROSOL geo-engineering program is no longer considering using sulfur and NOW WILL BE USING ALUMINUM, over 10 MEGATONS per year!

Chemtrails in the MSM! Finally....
Not to mention all the
Catholic Church Scandals too...

Thanks to James and all at

Must be Pluto in Capricorn.....
Some...of the Truth is finally coming out.


07 April, 2010

Free Association Radio with Robert Phoenix ~ FAR ~ Gazing Behind The Veil With Jay Weidner

Check out Free Association Radio (FAR) your portal to Exopolitics, Consciousness, Strange Attraction, Parapsychology, Music and Astrology. Two times a week, we'll take a journey to the far reaches of what's possible and challenge your concepts regarding this slippery domain known as reality. Caller participation is highly encouraged. Your voices help us go even further on FAR. Robert Phoenix is a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium. He's interviewed the likes of David Bowie, Moby, Carl Calleman, Steve Reich, Paul Hawken, Ralph Abrahms and Dean Radin over the years.

Excellent interview with Robert and Jay! A must listen to show on Blog Talk Radio.

Original Air Date: March 28, 2010
Gazing Behind The Veil With Jay Weidner

MP3 Link here:

Noted film maker, Author, alchemist, cryptographer and Kubrickphile, Jay Weidner will be joining me on Sunday night. Jay has closely examined the films of Stanley Kubrick and has come away with startling information that Kubrick was trying to tell us. From "The Killing" to "Eyes Wide Shut" Kubrick has been leaving a trail of clues to what amounts as a modern mystery school shot through a cinematic lens. The secrets are there if you have the vision to see them. You'll be blown away by Jay's connections and links with this great director's work. We'll also explore more immediate symbols and images in the world around us and what they mean leading up to 2012.

Robert Phoenix "IS" the NOW AGE ASTROLOGER among many other things...a multi talented man! Don't miss this guy!


04 February, 2010

"TAKE BACK THE PLANET" A Review of James Cameron's Avatar (2009) by John Lamb Lash

As author of a site dedicated to teaching the story of the earth from the earth's point of view, I am pleased to declare Avatar the first masterpiece of a new genre, Gaian science fiction, gi fi. For once Hollywood has delivered an epic film that reflects the wonder and magic of our world, rather than the lure of other worlds in faraway universes. Pandora, the exotic planet where the story unfolds, may be considered a parallel world to ours. Ecologically, it is a realm of spectacular biodiversity and natural invention bordering on magic, like ours. Metaphorically, it is the earth viewed as the scene of a battle between indigenous people and corporate-military predators. Mythically and esthetically light-years beyond Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, Star Wars and the Matrix Trilogy, here at last is a film that offers a ecoparable for the 21th Century. Here is the overture to mainstream recognition of the Wisdom Goddess and her story, the Sophianic vision of the Mysteries.

An excellent article and John Lash..

Click link below to read more and discover/uncover the so-called mysteries that await you by this awesome soul...

Time for a re-adjustment of our worldview and mindset...

An amazing journey awaits you at MetaHistory!
Thanks John for doing what you do...

John Lash has been called the true successor of Mircea Eliade and the rightful heir of Joseph Campbell. Unlike those two world-class academics, John is a self-educated free-lance scholar who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology: that is, the application of myth to life, rather than its mere interpretation. He is a leading exponent of the power of myth to direct individual experience and drive historical events over the long term. An expert on sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precession, and the World Ages, he also teaches the critique of belief-systems. On, he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism, with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophianic myth of the Pagan Mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core.

Biographical notes

Since October 2008, John Lash is teaching Planetary Tantra and interactive magic with Gaia through the archetype/icon of the Shakti Cluster, the Tantric Tree of Life. This material is intended to orient the general public toward free-form experimental mysticism grounded in an intimate commitment to the earth. His more controversial writings on Kala Tantra, Gaian sexual magic, can be found on KaliRising: Intimations of a Mystical Hedonist.

John Lash is the only scholar of comparative mythology so far known to have rewritten a classical myth, giving it a different outcome: Orpheus and Eurydice.

His published works are: The Seeker's Handbook (1991) , Twins and the Double (1993) , The Hero - Manhood and Power (1995) , Quest for the Zodiac (1999) , Not in His Image (2006).
"I have only this to tell you about my enlightenment: it's yours."

Metahistory is a path beyond the received scripts of history and culture, leading toward a world free from enslavement to historical lies and unexamined beliefs.

John Lash - Mystery Religions, the Occult & Globalist Elite

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02 January, 2010

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. ... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. - Carl Jung