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23 November, 2011

CGI's VforVictory: John Lash: Why Not Hunt The Killer Psychopaths? NEW AUDIO Posted By: Susoni Date: Wednesday, 23-Nov-2011 15:48:13

John Lash goes into detail, from his understanding, about our current harmonization process with the planet upon which we live and the grand experiment in which we find ourselves participants.. . . the correction in which Earth, as a free floating planetary, body liberates itself, under her own propulsion, from the Archontic, inorganic celestial mechanics of the solar system.
The audio interview is a five hour 20 segment recording and I've been looping it for a few days. 
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Downloadable audio:

John Lash - Why Not Hunt The Killer Psychopaths?
I haven't thought this hard about the act of murder since reading Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. It's so provocative I need to go back and research ideas of free will and karma before I can make a conclusion but certainly on the face of it one should know if one is capable of killing. I am if the context is right.

John Lash - Why Not Hunt The Killer Psychopaths? 
Excellent Interview, fkn amazing!
Good Question..


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