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07 April, 2010

Free Association Radio with Robert Phoenix ~ FAR ~ Gazing Behind The Veil With Jay Weidner

Check out Free Association Radio (FAR) your portal to Exopolitics, Consciousness, Strange Attraction, Parapsychology, Music and Astrology. Two times a week, we'll take a journey to the far reaches of what's possible and challenge your concepts regarding this slippery domain known as reality. Caller participation is highly encouraged. Your voices help us go even further on FAR. Robert Phoenix is a journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer and psychic medium. He's interviewed the likes of David Bowie, Moby, Carl Calleman, Steve Reich, Paul Hawken, Ralph Abrahms and Dean Radin over the years.

Excellent interview with Robert and Jay! A must listen to show on Blog Talk Radio.

Original Air Date: March 28, 2010
Gazing Behind The Veil With Jay Weidner

MP3 Link here:

Noted film maker, Author, alchemist, cryptographer and Kubrickphile, Jay Weidner will be joining me on Sunday night. Jay has closely examined the films of Stanley Kubrick and has come away with startling information that Kubrick was trying to tell us. From "The Killing" to "Eyes Wide Shut" Kubrick has been leaving a trail of clues to what amounts as a modern mystery school shot through a cinematic lens. The secrets are there if you have the vision to see them. You'll be blown away by Jay's connections and links with this great director's work. We'll also explore more immediate symbols and images in the world around us and what they mean leading up to 2012.

Robert Phoenix "IS" the NOW AGE ASTROLOGER among many other things...a multi talented man! Don't miss this guy!


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