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10 September, 2007


=== - Daily Quote ===

What you are matters infinitely

What the individual is, the society is. What you are matters infinitely. That is not a mere slogan but, if you go into it really deeply, you will discover how significant your actions are, how what you are affects the world in which you live—which is the world of your relationships, however small, however limited. And, if we can fundamentally alter, bring about a radical revolution in ourselves, INWARDLY, then there is a possibility of creating a different world, a different set of values.

The Collected Works, Vol. VI - 362

=== - Daily Quote ===

Only the individual can change, not the mass

I am talking to the individual because only the individual can change, not the mass; only you can transform yourself, and so the individual matters infinitely. I know it is the fashion to talk about groups, the mass, the race, as though the individual had no importance at all, but in any creative action it is the individual who matters. Any true action, any important decision, the search for freedom, the inquiry after truth, can only come from the individual who understands.…If any one of us is truly individual in the sense that he is trying to understand the whole process of his mind, then he will be a creative entity, a free person, unconditioned, capable of pursuing truth for itself and not for a result.

The Collected Works, Vol. XI - 21